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I am studying for a Clinical Masters in Art Therapy at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design (NZ) and hold a Fine Arts degree from Manchester Metropolitan University (UK). I have facilitated community projects since 2005, working with schools, youth clubs, NEET groups, young offenders,  groups with disabilities, vulnerable children, and elderly groups. I can work with most ages or abilities, just drop me a line with your requirements.

You can commission me to work on murals, public art projects , personal designs, sign writing, events and community engagement projects. I offer a customisation service for trainers, hats, t shirts and bags, and create larger pieces for events.

I have a keen interest in ecosystem conservation. I aim to make these projects as low impact as possible, using non oil based products and reclaimed materials wherever we can. I do sometimes use spray paints but have taken care to minimise their use in favour of water based brush paints.

For more information please email, call Claire on  NZ +64273568212, or you can use the contact form.

To read about past projects please visit PandArchives Blog


Do you want to brighten up your community space or give it more wow factor?

My workshops are educational, fun and can be worked to any theme of your choosing. I will lead your group through the design process via discussion and drawing, working to whatever themes you choose. I will show you how to use the materials and explore new techniques with the group. We then prepare a full design plan, and the group will work to create the mural. I leave you with a professionally finished mural. It’s heaps of fun.

I am a trained youth worker. I work with most ages or abilities, but most often with teenage groups. I find that my art projects are good for exploring issues with anxiety, self esteem and identity. I provide a safe space for the groups to talk about their issues, learn new skills and develop friendships and stimulate self reflection.

Young people often  get very excited about using spray paints. Youth leaders often remark that engagement improves during the project. I enjoy setting people up to succeed and enable them to create a mural they are proud of. It’s great to be able to tell a person they are doing really well at a task they enjoy doing. I promote the positive sides of graffiti/street art and do so in a responsible and fun manner.


Part of a youth mural project in Dunedin from 2018
A youth mural project for Youthline Otago 2019/2020


Painted at Mark It festival in Liverpool 2014
Painted at Mark It festival in Liverpool 2014


I am available for commission work. Please get in touch to discuss concepts. I enjoy painting walls, vehicles and a variety of canvases. 

Glenfalloch Gardens, Otago Peninsula. 2018


Graffiti party in Barnes, London.

I still run my ever popular graffiti parties for any occasion.

The parties are usually run indoors, each guest is provided with an item to paint on such as a bag, hat or canvas. Artists are on hand to sketch name designs, cartoons or show you new techniques. Each guest can take home an amazing piece they are proud of, as a reminder of your party or event.

I use paint pens because they are water based and fume free. I can also bring paints if you fancy creating a mural together on a wall, boards or large canvas.

If you would like to book or require further information and prices please use the contact form or email 

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