Articles and other media

In 2017 I was accepted to take part in The Big Hoot , an art trail in and around Auckland. Each artist selected painted a large fiber glass owl. At the end of the trail the owls will be auctioned off to raise money for the Child Cancer Foundation

Here is the artist list and below is a sneak peek of my piece. We can’t do a full reveal until March 2018 when the trail goes on display.

I can’t wait!








Whilst living in Wellington, Aoteara/NZ I was commissioned to work with a few different community groups for Upper Hutt City Council.

Below is some of the local media attached to the projects in 2015/16.

Upper Hutt City News & Upper Hutt City News 2

Scoop & Scoop 2

Creative Voice & Creative Voice 2


In 2015 Pullingers of Kingston, (the art shop I worked in when I had just graduated art school) put a feature about my work on their blog

Claire Rye On A Mission To Brighten Our Cities


In 2014 I was invited by a colleague Alex McClelland to help create a community mural with the people of Peckham

Below is some of the media attached to the project

Pocket Places Peckham

Paint my Panda murals in Peckham


I helped Aayan create the “Femme Fierce” event to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Care. The event was the largest gathering of female street artists in the UK to date.  Some people will telly you we made the Guinness Book of records but I don’t think this part of the project actually suceeded. Still, it was great to see so many talented ladies painting together.


In 2013 I got the opportunity to take part in a typography show at the V&A in London called Type Tasting.

‘Hectic’ by Claire Rye


A cool video of one of the all female graffiti jams I organised in London. This one was titled Cosmic Jam and was held at the Stockwell Hall Of Fame in London in 2011.

And another sweet film by proud dad Kilo (Sinstars)


In 2009 I worked with a wonderful teacher Hannah Chetcuti and a group of Graphics Students at Mulberry School for Girls on a cultural mural piece. Exploring life in London and the girls own cultural identities in a mural piece.

Mulberry School 


In 2008 the GOT collective had our first gallery show in Canterbury at the Frisson Gallery. I am so cheesy in the video but it has really nice memories so here you go… 🙂


Paint My Panda by Pixeledonion